An Innovative, Patient-Centered Medical Model


Abramson Senior Care’s Healthy Brain and Memory Center is dedicated to providing an elevated care experience for both primary care and memory support. We are devoted to maximizing quality of life for patients, family, and caregivers.

Our attentive approach gives comfort and peace-of-mind to patients, loved ones, and caregivers. We connect you to a variety of resources and support systems in order to provide a truly comprehensive spectrum of care.

The Healthy Brain and Memory Center is co-located with a primary care practice to best serve patients residing in the community. Our medical and psychosocial team will also work with patients’ existing primary care doctors and specialists during our consultation process, and to develop a plan of care thereafter.


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Primary Care

A Comprehensive Approach to health

Jennifer L. Claves, M.D. serves as the Clinical Director of the Healthy Brain and Memory Center and also operates a full service primary care practice serving adults in the greater Philadelphia area out of the same Bryn Mawr office. Her visionary approach to personalized, patient-centered medicine charts the course for our inpatient and on-site services, incorporates modern specialized therapy, and engages renowned local experts for advanced care.

Patients age 18 and up are able to conveniently rely on Dr. Claves as their primary care physician and receive a full spectrum of treatment at the Healthy Brain and Memory Center


Healthy Brain & Memory Center

Personalized and Patient-Centered

The challenges faced by individuals dealing with cognitive impairment are not unique, but every individual and family is. Abramson Senior Care's consultation process aims to individualize and customize a life plan in addition to a medical treatment plan that supports the client and family through the life cycle of the disease process.

We treat patients and families from all walks of life, dealing with many different forms of cognitive impairment. With education, technology, and a full suite of other resources, you’ll feel supported through every trial and complication, and you’ll have a team in place to help you embrace every victory.