Abramson Center for Jewish Life Geriatric Care Management

Personal Geriatric Care Management Services

Service Highlights

  • High-touch concierge support from experts
  • Various assessments for individualized plans
  • Coordinates physician appointments
  • Partners with client’s attorney, wealth manager
  • Helps set up safety technology in the home
  • Identifies best caregiving services for the client

Abramson Center Geriatric Care Managers

Abramson Geriatric Care Management provides a high-touch, concierge level of support that brings peace of mind to seniors and caregivers struggling with the challenges of aging.

Our expert team of licensed social workers and geriatric care managers thoroughly assess the senior’s health status, home environment and current services, and meet with the family and other providers to develop a person-centered care plan.

An Abramson Care Manager provides the senior with personal, on-site support and coordinates all needed geriatric care services, partnering with the family, attorneys and wealth managers as desired.

Recommended geriatric care management services may include:

  •       Pre-screened caregivers and homemakers
  •       Shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation services
  •       Meal delivery or home-cooked meals
  •       Medication reminders or administration
  •       Ongoing health monitoring
  •       Technology to support safety at home
  •       Therapeutic exercise and massage
  •       Physician house calls
  •       Psychological services
  •       Social activities

Who can benefit from Geriatric Care Management?

Our comprehensive range of senior care management services are especially beneficial to:

  •      Seniors who want to remain independent and live in the comfort of their own homes
  •      Seniors with adult children who live out-of-state or travel for extended periods
  •      Seniors with challenging relationships
  •      Families who need assistance with coordination of care or are unsatisfied with their loved one’s current care
  •      Seniors and families transitioning to other residences
  •      Trust attorneys and wealth managers with elderly clients

For more information on how Abramson Care Management can serve as your concierge for senior care or to get answers to your geriatric care manager questions, please contact Abramson Care Advisors at 215-371-3400.

How Senior Care Management at Abramson Can Help

At age 83, Sylvia is beginning to demonstrate significant memory loss. Her husband, Jim, has noticed that her hygiene is poor and that she has difficulty engaging in conversation. After more than 50 years together, Jim has transitioned from the role of a spouse to a caregiver.

When Jim called Abramson Geriatric Care Management to inquire about community resources for Sylvia, he was quickly connected with a Care Manager. She arranged to meet with Jim and Sylvia in their home the very next day to assess Sylvia’s physical and emotional needs, as well as their home environment. 

By the end of the week, the Care Manager had matched Sylvia with a home care aide who developed an immediate rapport with her. The aide accompanies Sylvia to the salon and helps her “fill in the gaps” as she goes about her day.

Jim feels like a tremendous burden has been lifted from his shoulders. He attends a support group recommended by the geriatric care manager that allows him to share his feelings with people in similar circumstances and gain coping skills.

The Care Manager continues to support Sylvia and Jim in conversations with health care providers, and help them understand Sylvia’s disease better. Sylvia is thriving at home and the Care Manager (and everyone at Abramson Geriatric Care Management) is standing by, ready to coordinate additional services as they become necessary.

For more information please contact us confidentially or call us at 215-371-3400 or toll-free at 1-888-340-0080.

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