When is Hospice Care Appropriate?

When is Hospice Care Appropriate?

More often than not, when someone needs hospice care, that person’s loved ones wait for the primary care physician to first bring up the idea. While it is understandable to wait for the doctor to bring up such an important matter, loved ones should know that not only can they ask the doctor if hospice care is right for their loved one, they can also contact a hospice care provider themselves for more informationWith this in mind, how does someone determine that hospice care is appropriate for their loved one?


Hospice Care is Appropriate If…

  •  The patient has six months or less to live. If you or a healthcare professional thinks there is a higher than average chance the patient could pass away within the next six months, hospice may be a good option. 
  • The patient is bedridden. If the patient is often times too weak to leave their bed and they are sleeping frequently, hospice may be appropriate 
  • The patient is losing a significant amount of weight. If healthcare professionals are noticing a significant weight loss in the patient, this may be a sign the end could be near. 
  • The patient is experiencing an increase in pain. If the patient has been experiencing an increase in pain related to their illness, this may be a sign that it is time for hospice care.


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