What Does Senior Living Mean?

What Does Senior Living Mean?

Senior living is a term that can have multiple meanings. In its most broad use, senior living is a term that describes an exclusive community of people who are above a set age such as 55 or 60. This is a very general description and because of that, there are many misconceptions related to the term senior living. Depending on your personal experience, or lack thereof, you may think that the definition of senior living is the same as the definition of a nursing home or an assisted living community – but that is incorrect.

Let’s clearly define what senior living means and the services it includes.


Senior Living Definition

Senior living, in its simplest sense, means a community of people who meet a predetermined age requirement. These people share common space such as dining areas, social/activity rooms, and outdoor spaces. This community can be comprised of people living in apartments or private homes.

Senior living can also be described as independent living. Independent living is a group of people who choose to live in a community of people who are roughly the same age, have similar interests, and often times share similar values. People do not choose senior living because of medical or physical needs, although medical assistance is available. People choose senior living because it allows them to be part of a community, engage it daily activities, have onsite transportation available, and be able to enjoy hobbies or personal interests instead of worrying about things like house maintenance or grocery shopping. Senior living staff work to make sure life is as simple and enjoyable as possible.

It is important to understand that senior living, or independent living, is very different than assisted living or a nursing home. People choose assisted living because they need medical or physical assistance that would not necessarily be available at their home or most independent living communities.


Is Senior Living Right for You or Your Loved One?

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