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Polisher Research Institute and Pennsylvania State University

The Abramson Center’s Polisher Research Institute (PRI) partnered with The Pennsylvania State University to allow both groups to expand their research on aging concerns, with a focus on person-centered care.

Respected for its groundbreaking gerontological research since its founding in 1959, PRI has continued to achieve both national and international interest under the direction of Kimberly Van Haitsma, Ph.D. Most recently, PRI’s work on person-centered care in long-term care settings has led to the development of a tool that helps facilities track how well they are meeting their residents’ preferences. It is currently being used by nursing homes and other long-term care facilities nation-wide. Kimberly will continue her work with both institutes as program director and as an associate professor at Penn State.         

The research program will establish a connection between PRl and 10 different research groups within the university with the hub of the program being at Penn State’s College of Nursing’s Hartford Center’s Program for Person-Centered Living Systems of Care. Along with the connection to the groups within the university, the program will also bring together an extensive list of Penn State’s external networks and collaborations. The Abramson Center will have an ongoing relationship with the school as a teaching site and research “living laboratory.” 

This is not the first time that Penn State has partnered with PRI. Abramson Center trustee and past chairman Arnold Hoffman and his wife, Bette, funded a scholarship program administered by Penn State and awarded annually to a Penn State student, with first preference toward those who will participate in an internship at the Abramson Center.

According to Kimberly, “the partnership is a natural hub for collaboration between two innovative organizations who are interested in advancing research for seniors.” 

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