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Abramson Center Tribute Donations

Abramson Center tribute cards are a unique way to celebrate a life event (such as a birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, or a wedding) or to send heartfelt wishes, condolences, or caring thoughts to friends and family. There is no better way to recognize a special time in one’s life than with an Abramson Center tribute donation to benefit the seniors of our community.

Abramson Center Honor Thy Father Tribute Card View Larger

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
($100 - $249)

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Abramson Center Generation to Generation Tribute Card View Larger

Generation to Generation
($50 - $99)

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Abramson Center Ethics of the Fathers Tribute Card View Larger

Ethics of the Fathers
($25 - $49)

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Abramson Center for Jewish Life Twelve Tribes Tribute Card View Larger

Twelve Tribes
($10 - $17)

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How Abramson Center Tribute and Memorial Donations work

In recognition of your gift, an Abramson Center Tribute Card will be inscribed with the recipient's name, your name, and a personalized message. It will then be mailed to the recipient within three business days. The gift amount will not appear on the Tribute Card. These gifts are fully tax deductible.

Additionally, you perform a good deed (or mitzvah) each time you send an all-occasion Abramson Center Tribute Card as a donation, because proceeds benefit the elderly men and women served by the Center.

Your generous gift can be directed as follows:

  • To the Abramson Center: Your gift will support our programs, helping our elders live with dignity, as well as the people who care for them.
  • Auxiliary: Your gift will support Auxiliary-sponsored programs that provide our residents with added intellectual stimulation, affection, and attention.

For gift orders outside of the United States, please call +1-215-371-1881 or email us at donation@abramsoncenter.org.

Please review the various Abramson Center tribute and memorial donation card options below. Thank you for your support and generosity.