Interesting Lectures at the Abramson Center Speakers Bureau

As a research institute at the forefront of thought-leadership, The Abramson Center of Jewish Life organizes engaging lectures from guest speakers. We call it our Abramson Center Speakers Bureau.

Please review our list of topics below. To schedule a free seminar for your community or professional group, or inquire about continuing education opportunities, please call us at 215-371-1369.

•    Ethical Decision Making in Long-Term Care
•    Finding Purpose in the Transition Years
•    Having Fun in a Fast-Paced World
•    If It's Complicated, It's Wrong!
•    Living with Energy and Vitality
•    Looking at Geriatrics in a New Way
•    Maintaining your Sexuality as you Age
•    Managing Stress with Your Hands Tied
•    Palliative Counseling and Family Issues
•    Self-Care for Health Care Professionals
•    Balancing Life's Demands
•    Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Resilience
•    Caring for an Aging Parent
•    Collaborating with Other Professionals
•    Creating a Living Will
•    Why Transitional Services are Essential to the
•    Healing Process
•    Women In Transition - The Next Chapter
•    Wonder Woman Never Had a Job!
•    Enhancing Memory and Reducing Risk for Dementia
•    Ethical Decision Making with Non-Compliant
•    Chronically Ill Patients
•    Silent Heroes -The Role of the Caregiver
•    Spirituality and Mental Health
•    Technology - A Blessing or a Curse?
•    Warning Signs of Elder Abuse