Abramson Senior Care's Edna Young Gordon Healthy Brain and Memory Center is open to all patients and families struggling with the adversity of cognitive disorders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore hope and dignity through patient-focused care, awareness, and real-world solutions for patients, families, and caregivers.

Cognitive disorders are one of the most emotionally and physically taxing medical conditions. Our program was developed expressly to offer comfort and peace-of-mind by directly addressing the multigenerational effect of brain and memory impairment.

Designed for optimal patient comfort

With 150 years of service to seniors in Greater Philadelphia, the Healthy Brain and Memory Center is Abramson Senior Care’s latest endeavor to serve clients with memory loss. We designed the program with a thoroughly holistic approach to cognitive care and patient comfort.


A Holistic Approach to Patient Care. Treating cognitive disorders requires more than primary care. Our holistic and immersive approach to treatment includes care management, education, and support for both patients and their families and caregivers.

Specialized Care

A full network of specialists, therapists, and experts complement the Healthy Brain and Memory Center’s primary care services. By incorporating therapeutic recreation specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists, home care and hospice RNs, and more, we offer patients a robust and unmatched array of treatment for every individual need.

Care Management

The Healthy Brain and Memory Center reinforces the full spectrum of patient treatment by managing care. By serving as a complementary link between Abramson’s services, the program introduces members to a personalized roadmap of care that addresses patient needs and wishes, family support requirements, and flexibility relying on a customized plan.

Support Groups

Families and caregivers should never feel alone. We help all who are affected confront and understand the challenges of cognitive disorders with family and caregiver support groups and mentorship.

A holistic approach requires patients, families, and even staff to confront and understand the tests and roadblocks that lie ahead. Our array of educational programming and support groups include:

  • Joint partnership with Alzheimer’s Association for evidence-based staff training and support groups
  • Staff mentorship programs to reduce recidivism and burnout
  • Family support groups
  • Patient programming that addresses cognitive impairment

Education Programming

As a hub of engagement and awareness, the Healthy Brain and Memory Center seeks to enlighten both patients and their loved ones through open and honest educational programming. Our joint partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association and patient programming are key avenues for addressing cognitive impairment together.


As an instrumental part of our programming, we introduce new technologies designed to help patients retain cognitive function through engaging brain training games and research tools. The program also incorporates technology to improve patient experience and administrative tasks, including paperless processing, the patient portal, and telemedicine visits.

What to learn more or schedule a consultation? 

Our Location

The design of the Healthy Brain and Memory Center reflects our patient-centered approach to care and support. Our inventive space features:

  • A calming welcome center and unprecedented hospitality

  • Large exam rooms to accommodate the patient’s support system of family and caregivers

  • Medical equipment in each room so patients can remain in one place for all diagnostics, procedures, and consultation

  • Separate and soundproof private rooms for comfort and confidentiality

Waiting Room

The Healthy Brain and Memory Center offers a comfortable, tranquil atmosphere for every visit. Our boutique model makes every patient and family feel at home and at ease. From the minute you enter our waiting room, you’ll be welcomed into a calming, supportive environment that sets a clear path for individualized attention and comprehensive treatment.



Conference Room

The Healthy Brain and Memory Center is a hub of cognitive disorder awareness, advocacy, and education. Our conference room offers abundant resources for patients and families:

  • Educational programs, seminars, and support groups for members, prospective members, and the public

  • Professional caregiver support and training

  • Ongoing support groups for patients and families

  • Joint programming with the Alzheimer’s Association


Family Technology Room

The family technology room is an additional feature of the Healthy Brain & Memory Center that allows remote conferencing with renowned physicians and key stakeholders, such as a patient’s children who may live across the country. The technology room facilitates open discussion and productive dialogue.