Family Caregiver Support Stories

Family Caregiver Stories and Quotes

Taking care of our elderly parents and loved ones is the reason why we get up every morning (or stay up all night). Please take a moment to read some of the elderly care quotes and stories from family caregivers and clients.

Abramson Residence
Mildred Shor Inn
Abramson Hospice
Birnhak Transitional Care
Abramson Care Advisors
Abramson Home Care
Abramson Medical Adult Day Services

Abramson Residence Family Caregiver Stories

“The Abramson Residence is an incredible place. It has brought new joy to my mother’s life. She has the security of someone always being there for her and I have the security of someone always being there for her. It has been life changing for all of us.” - daughter of Abramson Residence resident

“My mother had been in other facilities that did not have the same quality of care that she received at the Abramson Residence. I am very impressed with the Abramson Center - Abramson Cares.” - son of Abramson Residence resident

“At each step of the way, Abramson Residence staff were there to make my mother as comfortable as possible. As her needs increased, so did their care and patience. Their kindness and compassion were limitless.” - son of Abramson Residence resident

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Mildred Shor Inn Residents Are Free to Do Things Their Way

“I’ve always like to do things, and I can always find something to do here. I don’t think I could be as comfortable anywhere else as I am here. I feel very fortunate to be here.” - resident of the Mildred Shor Inn

“I’m so grateful for all of the people at the Mildred Shor Inn who have helped my mother age in place. The aides and the entire staff recognize each individual’s needs and meet them! Because they have adapted to my mother’s needs, she continues to feel independent.” - daughter of Mildred Shor Inn resident

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Abramson Hospice Supports the Patient's Family

Ann Salomon - 2014 Hospice.jpg

“The Abramson Hospice team provided support for both my father and my family in a loving caring manner. They knew my father’s likes and dislikes and provided a care plan that met all of his individual needs. Whenever I had a question or concern, I was able to receive an immediate reply. The team’s compassionate care, along with their professionalism, is phenomenal.” - Ann Salomon, family member of Abramson Hospice Patient

Abramson Hospice gave us incredible personal attention. It was as if my mom was the only patient, and as if my family was the only one. Everybody was available to us anytime we needed them, and that took away a whole level of anxiety and worry.”- family member of Abramson Hospice patient

 “I chose Abramson Hospice because I knew and trusted that they would take great care of my beloved friend. They listened and understood the love I had for her. I could call them about anything - when I would not be so strong, they would be strong for me.” - primary caregiver of Abramson Hospice patient

 “Abramson Hospice gave my wife the very best care, and helped my daughter and I through our sorrow. They were there when we needed them and that meant a lot to us.” - husband of Hospice patient

 “Thank you so much for how you cared for my Mom and family. I’m so grateful for the comfort you brought for each of us, and how you encouraged us to cherish each moment we had with my Mom.” - daughter of Hospice patient

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Birnhak Transitional Care Makes the Rehab Experience Better

Neil Urban - 2014 TCU.jpg

 “When I came to the Abramson Center’s Birnhak Transitional Care for rehabilitation, I had been in danger of losing my legs. The care, knowledge and expertise of the therapists, doctors and nurses brought me back from the ground up. Their motivation and support is a big part of why I am where I am today.” - Neil Urban, former Birnhak Transitional Care patient


Marsha Sadel - 2014 TCU.jpg


“If you have to go to rehab, Birnhak Transitional Care is the place to go. I love every single thing about the place, from the beautiful large private rooms to the wonderful activities. The atmosphere is so positive and cheerful, and the employees are very passionate about their jobs.” - Marsha Sadel, former Birnhak Transitional Care patient



Fredyln Brown - 2014 TCU.JPG“When I was at Birnhak Transitional Care, I received exceptional care. The therapists were well aware of what I could and could not do, and they helped me accomplish my goals and get back on my feet. The nurses and aides were terrific and always made me feel that they really cared about me. It was my home away from home when I really needed it.” - Fredlyn Brown, former Birnhak Transitional Care patient

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Abramson Care Advisors Help With Make Important Decisions

“Abramson Care Advisors helped us find a care facility for my father that was affordable to us and only ten minutes from my home. They did everything in their power to help us. I would recommend Abramson Care Advisors to the world.” Abramson Care Advisors caller

“As a physician, I asked a little bit more than the average person. Abramson Care Advisors answered all of my questions, and gave me all the information I needed to help make a decision about my mother’s care. This was especially helpful because I live out of state.” - Abramson Care Advisors caller

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Abramson Home Care has Aids who Truly Care

Flossie Albert - 2014 Home Care.jpg

“I reached out to Abramson Home Care after a hospitalization when I knew I wouldn’t be able to do everything on my own. My Home Care aide, Anna, helped me with the things most of us take for granted; cleaning up after meals, getting in and out of the shower, and dressing. She was wonderfully encouraging and helpful with my prescribed exercises. I enjoyed her as an aide and as company.” - Flossie Albert, former Abramson Home Care client

“Rose really goes the extra mile. She’s very professional and very knowledgeable, and that’s the kind of aide you want.” - wife of Abramson Home Health Care client

“Victor was so compassionate and gentle. The way he cared for my husband was beautiful. It left an indelible impression.” - wife of Abramson Home Health Care client

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Abramson Medical Adult Day Services is Brag-worthy

“I couldn’t wait until I got here. You are busy every minute - exercising, playing cards, just having conversations - it makes me feel so much better.” - Medical Adult Day Services participant

“I love it. Everybody is so nice and they really make an effort. I brag about this place to everybody when I leave at the end of the day.” - Medical Adult Day Services participant

“The staff here are very, very nice. They can not do enough for you.” - Medical Adult Day Services participant

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The core focus of the Abramson Center is providing care for elderly parents and other family members, to ensure that they are as healthy and comfortable as possible. We are humbled to receive such kind messages from the people in our care, and those who love them.